“I highly recommend Lauren and the team at Paws and Possibilities.  Over the course of 4 private sessions with our new, very rambunctious Havanese puppy and our 8 year old, sometimes nervous and growly, toy poodle, we learned effective ways to eliminate unwanted behaviors, and we are well on our way to having polite, well mannered dogs.  Lauren was excellent at explaining her techniques to our entirely family.  She was gentle and caring, and totally in tune with our needs and issues with both dogs.  Her techniques make total sense, and she spent a lot of time demonstrating and practicing with us, making sure that we understood how to do everything correctly and in real life situations, and everything actually works!  Within a month, the change in our household is amazing.  We have taken training classes at pet stores, and these were minimally effective by comparison.  If it is within your means, it is very worthwhile to have the one-on-one personal training with Lauren, especially if your dog has particular behavior issues or if you have a new puppy.  It is 100% more effective to have the individualized attention in my opinion, but I am sure her group classes are also of good quality.  Lauren is so talented and an unlimited resource, and always stayed until all of our questions were answered, and this was invaluable!  We may try some of her socialization classes for both dogs, because I have total confidence that these will also be worthwhile, and I think it will be a nice way to reinforce what we have learned, even though I think we have a very solid foundation now.  Thank you so much, Lauren (and lovely assistant).”

Laura T.