“When I first called you, Lucy was the issue. She had bitten the mail man, couldn’t be brushed, and chased every car arriving and leaving the property. In addition, she barked at every noise the neighbors made, without ceasing!! Most recently, the FedEx man has delivered with out a bark. I am brushing her every evening without threat, and much to my delight, all three dogs were barking at the kids at the driveway and when I opened the door, they stopped (which means they knew I would say STOP, their command to be quiet when people arrive). I am still working on their behavior when I am not home: I want them to bark (just not bite). Lucy has not been aggressive since we have been working with her. Her confidence seems to have dramatically increased. She is obedient and loves the positive reinforcement. I have corrected her a handful of times. If you remember, the breeder suggested to my son in law that we put her down because that breed is not very apt to change/improve. She has made significant progress! Thanks so much for your help!”

Rusty A.