Puppy Training

For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of age.

Puppies learn all the time, from everything around them so let’s make sure they learn to socialize well!  The first few weeks can make a huge difference in your puppy’s training and socialization.

Did you know puppies need socialization?

There is a critical window from 8-14 weeks for socialization.  This important time in a puppy’s life can help shape how they will be as adults in dealing with new people, places, meeting dogs, and handling new experiences.

What should be expected during Puppy Socialization Class?

Our puppy socialization class is meant to engage your puppy in interactions with other puppies. Even though it is difficult, we ask that you limit your interactions with all of the puppies in the class so they have the opportunity to focus on their own interactions with other puppies.

Our trainers will lead the class combining their expertise in both teaching your puppy how to listen to and be respectful of the other puppies and teaching you what is normal and appropriate puppy play.

There are a few things we would like you to be aware of, should they arise during class.

There are times when puppies behave in unpredictable and potentially dangerous ways. The trainer leading the class will always have safety of you and the puppies as a top priority during every interaction. Should the need arise to limit certain puppy’s interactions in order to maintain a safer environment for all, we will do so by leashing one or more puppies to manage their interactions better or possibly have one or more puppies separated behind a gate during class until they are more comfortable in interacting appropriately. We find that with patience, some clear guidance, and training, most puppies can learn how to interact appropriately during the puppy socialization classes.

Here are some examples of behaviors the trainer leading the class may have to address should your puppy offer any of these:

  • Excessive barking – while we will work with you to help you work through this behavioral issue, know that if it persists to the point of completely disrupting the class, we will ask that you move to set your puppy up for success.
  • Biting – while we understand that puppies are learning and adapting to training as they grow, biting is not tolerated, and we will interrupt it.
  • Anxiety / nervousness – whether you have a clingy puppy (or find yourself socially nervous during class), we ask that you trust the process, and allow us to help guide you to giving your puppy the appropriate space during class.
  • Rough playing – we want all our puppies to have an enjoyable experience, which is why we are vigilant when it comes to playground bullies. Should your puppy be extremely assertive while playing, we will address this in the way we see most appropriate.
  • We also ask that you please keep your puppy home if it is in heat.

Are there any requirements to attend?

Puppies must be vet checked for wellness prior to the session and have a recent negative fecal with proof of results.  Puppies do not need to have received all of their shots to attend.  They simply need to be under a vet’s care.

Many people choose to do Puppy Socialization Classes and our Group Training Classes together.  You can find information about our group training classes by clicking here.

Puppy Socialization Classes (5 Sessions): $60 or $15/session
Combination Group Training and Puppy Socialization Package
(6 Sessions Each): $300

Interested in Puppy Socialization? Here’s our registration process:

Choose Your Class Time + Location

Please note that there are different locations on certain days. Be sure to choose the appropriate location and time that best fits your schedule.

Fill Out Class Intake Form

Be sure to complete the required class intake form to provide important details to the trainer about you and your dog in preparation for class.

Submit Payment

Once you’ve completed your intake form, you will submit your payment for this class and will be confirmed. You will receive a confirmation via email.

Puppy Socialization Class Schedule

Monday Classes

Location: Severna Park, MD

Click Here for a 5 Session Package = $60

Tuesday – Thursday Classes

Saturday Classes

Location: Davidsonville, MD

Click Here for a 5 Session Package = $60

Location: Severna Park, MD

Click Here for a 5 Session Package = $60

“Does your dog have issues with manners or socialization? Paws & Possibilities is the way to go! I enrolled my Australian Shepherd puppy in the puppy socialization class and the group training. Paws & Possibilities provided a safe and controlled environment for my puppy to meet and learn to play with other puppies of a similar age in the puppy socialization class. Our group training class was taught by Caylen. She was amazing from the beginning. Caylen began each class with checking in on each family and dog. It’s been a while since our class ended, but we’ve continued to utilize skills we learned in Caylen’s group training to ensure my puppy grows to be a well-behaved adult! Thank you so much to Caylen and the rest of the brilliant and friendly Paws & Possibilities staff (including Aleah!)!” ~ Jade S. | Maryland