Reactive Dog Classes

Looking to help your anti-social, reactive, or aggressive dog behave better towards other dogs or people ?

We have just what you need.

Helping your dog to overcome reactivity is all about providing clear communication and strong leadership. In this class, we will help you strengthen your relationship with your dog to ensure that your dog not only loves you, but also respects you and looks to you for guidance and support. Regardless of why your dog may be acting this way — fear, dominance, over-excitement, etc — leadership is critical when working to eliminate reactivity or aggression towards other dogs or people. If you aren’t driving the bus, your dog will be forced to hop into the front seat and take charge so that we don’t crash!

In this class, you will advance your skills and understanding of:

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    How to build a relationship with your dog built on trust and respect for your authority as the leader, and why this is so crucial in inhibiting reactivity and aggression
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    The importance of good timing of your communication — When and how to reward social, appropriate behavior most effectively, and where to draw the line with regards to inappropriate behavior towards others.
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    How to best set your dog up for success so that he is able to feel more relaxed around dogs and people and make good choices.

How is this class different from our other class options?

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    You can work through your dog’s reactivity issues without feeling added pressure or judgment from those around you — we are all in the same boat!
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    The information we cover is specifically geared towards reactivity and/or aggression, so you’ll get exactly what you need to help your dog be successful.
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    Everyone in this class has completed some level of training with us before, so we can move more quickly into hands-on exercises with the dogs.
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    You’ll receive “real-world” practice in a more controlled, predictable, and safe environment, which will help your dog to be successful and therefore learn the skills at a faster rate.

reactive dog class Schedule


Severna Park Reactive Dog
(*no class the first Wednesday of the month)

7:15 pm - 8:15 pm 

4 Evergreen Road
Severna Park, MD 21146

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