Tips for Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are a time to be with family and loved ones, filled with busy schedules, treats and joy. Be certain your holiday happiness extends to all members of the family by keeping these tips in mind while planning and enjoying the holidays. Keep your dog’s schedule as consistent as possible. You may be running around from party to party … Read More

How to keep your pets happy and safe during the holidays

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays what is one of the most important things we can do to keep our pets calm and relaxed?  A consistent schedule. You may be running around from party to party but you still need to see to your dog’s needs.  Plan when he will get his exercise. And definitely plan ahead … Read More

Be the best Dog Mom ever!

Are you embarrassed by your dog? “When you walk up to Betsy’s front door and ring the doorbell, you hear Bella bark from inside. You brace yourself for the discomfort since you remember her jumping all over you the last time you came over. When the door opens, you are pleasantly surprised to see Betsy smiling at you, welcoming you into her home. You were expecting … Read More

Dog anxiety is easy to fix

Over the past two months, I have had five dogs, each staying a week or two, at my house for our Immersion Program board & train.  The dogs are fully integrated into my home and interact with my dogs, my kids, and my husband.  Four out of the five dogs  had a similar issue I discovered, and it was not … Read More

Proud “taste-tester” for dog treats

We, at Paws and Possibilities, are proud and excited to be selected one of the official taste-testers for treats from Chewy’s web site says this to describe their company: delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping 300+ brands of pet food and stuff (for FREE!) while celebrating and honoring the bond, love and connection we share with pets.  Since … Read More

Best 5 holiday gifts for dogs

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone and you may be almost finished your holiday shopping.  But if you are like 80% of people, your “best-friend” has a spot on your shopping list and you may not have purchased his gifts yet.  Do you know what holiday gifts for dogs you are going to get?  Are you going … Read More