We are so thrilled to have you part of our Paws and Possibilities community.

As part of our service to you, we have created downloadable content featuring important information that is best paired with our classes. This information was formulated as additional reinforcements to the lessons and components seen in class and are helpful to expand the training you and your dog receive.

Please enjoy these resources, and check back often, as we are working on additional educational webinars, videos, and more!

Training Philosophy

Learn how to effectively communicate clearly and effectively with your dog in all aspects of his life. DOWNLOAD HERE

Manners vs. Obedience

Learn the difference between manners and obedience and how to effectively teach your dog the difference. DOWNLOAD HERE

Tips for Reinforcing Behavior

Learn how to reinforce good behaviors correctly to achieve the right outcome. DOWNLOAD HERE

Clicker Training

Learn how clicker training works; when it’s best to start, how it works and what common mistake to avoid. DOWNLOAD HERE

Stairs Exercise

Learn the “stairs” exercise to help claim your personal space, or “bubble”. DOWNLOAD HERE


Learn the importance of socialization for your dog and how to do so properly. DOWNLOAD HERE

Come Command Training Tips

Seeking to successful train your dog to ‘Come’ on command? This one’s for you. DOWNLOAD HERE


Learn the aspects of housetraining (understanding circumstance vary with each individual dog). DOWNLOAD HERE

Dog Food Recommendations

One of the most important necessities in your dog’s care is to feed your dog high quality food. DOWNLOAD HERE

Tips to Inhibit

Learn the steps to inhibit a behavior in your dog your don’t wish to see. DOWNLOAD HERE

How To Use The Ecollar

Learn the exact settings that we recommend for the most effective training. DOWNLOAD HERE