Separation Anxiety Virtual Program

Looking for ways to help your dog work through separation anxiety?

We have just what you need.

Separation anxiety may occur in dogs for a variety of reasons. With some dogs, it's due to a high dependency on their owners. For others, it's due to surviving a traumatic event that occurred in their younger life. Even some breeds are prone to develop overly strong attachments. In our training, we've noticed that often times the issue stems from you, the owner, not taking charge. Dogs that aren't well-suited to being the pack leader can then get anxious when their pack members can't be accounted for. Therefore, a contributing factor could be that both you and your dog gain more confidence and independence from leadership work!

Whatever reason you are faced with, we are here to help you. In this program, we work through your dog's anxiety when they are about to be separated from you. This training is geared to help support them and you.
We are not going to teach your dog to lie down. We are going to teach your dog to be calm.

I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that people trust me enough to let me help them.

kim greco  //  Owner of Paws and Possibilities

In this class, you will advance your skills and understanding of:

  • The best ways to rehabilitate your dog with separation anxiety. 
    How to support your dog using training techniques so when it's time to go to work, your dog will be more confident and comfortable.
  • Purposefully work on teaching your dog to be calm when you’re not home. 
  • Teach you the techniques we use to rehabilitate dogs who suffer from separation anxiety.
    Easy-to-understand lessons that will provide and you with specific training exercises to practice with your dog in between each class. 
  • Ongoing support to help you help your dog live a more relaxed and healthy life. 

How is this class different from our other class options?

  • You can work through your dog’s separation issues without feeling added pressure or judgment from those around you — we are all in the same boat!
  • The information we cover is specifically geared towards dealing with separation anxiety, so you’ll get exactly what you need to help your dog be successful.
  • You’ll receive loads of practice and be surrounded with a like-minded community which will help both you and your dog be successful in learning these skills.

virtual separation anxiety Program

  • 4 Virtual Classes, 1-hr each class, which can be completed at your own pace
    Homework to help support your training And Strengthen Techniques
  • Access to our Facebook Group for community support
    Supplemental Online Training Resources Included With This Program

Your Investment = $320

*Our next live experience is scheduled to begin

January 27, 2021. 

paws and possibilities

Each participant will also receive a Paws and Possibilities notepad, pen, clicker, and squirt bottle to help with training! 

paws and possibilities