Monthly Maintenance Training

For people and dogs who have already worked with us and seek to keep up progress.

Have you successfully completed our in-home training and now want to continue working on your dog training to fine-tune and maintain all your progress with your dog? Perfect! We have this special opportunity for you to continue, each month, through our Monthly Maintenance Training package.

The Monthly Maintenance Training package is an opportunity for you to maintain and grow with your dog training. It will allow you to continue:

  • Be able to develop and implement the tools you've learned during your training.
  • Solidify the training you've done with your dog so that it becomes second nature to both of you.
  • Continue to strengthen the relationship you've created with your dog.

With our ongoing monthly maintenance training, you will:

  • Continue to build and grow your relationship with your dog.
  • Establish your new communication techniques with your dog.
  • Strengthen the lessons learned in training.

During each monthly session, you will build upon the foundation you and your dog have learned. After all, nothing is worse then losing the traction one has built over the course of training.

Protect your investment with our monthly maintenance training.

Monthly Maintenance Sessions are held once a month = $150 per month

*Note: This training is only for those clients who have completed a package of in home or group training with us. It is a membership that will be paid monthly. Cancel at any time.

Ready to begin?

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