Private, In-Home Coaching


One-on-One Training Support

Any age or breed of dog, any behavioral issues addressed

Busy schedule? Challenging dog? Do you want some personalized attention to enhance your results? Then private coaching may be the best solution. Our private, in-home training lessons allow us to focus solely on your dog's individual needs and is a great option for dogs who are not well suited for group training.

During our private training sessions we offer the same approach that is taught in the group classes along with whatever specific need you or your dog have, so you’ll not only have the benefits of one-on-one instruction but the convenience of being able to fit it into your busy schedule.

Please contact us so we may help determine which package we offer that would be the best match for your specific dog training needs.

Private, In-Home Coaching packages start at $795

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 helped me strengthen my bond with my dog 

I seriously do not know where to begin, Jovone is an amazing pet therapy trainer. Jovone brings so much positive energy, passion and dedication to her work as a pet therapy trainer. Her enthusiasm for her mission to create strong pet therapy teams is contagious. Not only have Ziggy and I become a pet therapy team, I can say that Jovone has helped me strengthen my bond with my dog and we have a fabulous time together bringing smiles to patients in the hospital and at numerous community service events. With the skills that Jovone taught me and Ziggy, we were able to confidently take and pass the pet therapy certification the very first time. In addition to learning about the exam, we also worked on advanced dog training to help troubleshoot and foster positive experiences for both Ziggy and me. Jovone helped navigate me through the entire process of becoming a pet therapy team from start to finish and has inspired me to do so many things out of my comfort zone, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have her as my mentor. There were no surprises at the evaluation because I was prepared for all aspects of the exam and more. Jovone is a true gem and is the perfect advocate for pet therapy. Paws and Possibilities is lucky to have her.

Rebecca B. ~ Ziggy's Mom