Meet Our Trainers

  • Kim Greco

Kim Greco, Owner of Paws and Possibilities, knew from an early age that she was drawn to animals and has had pets of all kinds. Growing up in Northern Virginia, riding and showing horses were a big part of her life. Kim was ranked 3rd in the country while showing her horse, Harbor Bay, who has been mentioned in magazines as one of the best hunters to ever step foot in the show ring.

After graduating from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a concentration in Psychology, Kim began her professional career as a marine mammal trainer.

kim and dogs

Kim with her German Shepard, Boomer and her Shih Tzu mix sisters, Molly and Abby.


Kim had the opportunity to work with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions, harbor, grey, and harp seals, African penguins, and exotic birds! Spending most of her marine mammal training career at the National Aquarium in Baltimore as a Senior Trainer, Kim helped to teach new trainers how to train the dolphins.

Kim's calm, confident demeanor make her interactions with animals remarkable to watch. In addition to working well with animals, Kim has a natural gift to relate well with people and has the ability to simplify complex ideas and present them in ways that enable people of all skill levels to understand and retain them. Both of these qualities have lead to a successful career working with dogs. Kim is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

Kim enjoys spending time with her family - her husband, her two children, her three step-children, and her two dogs. Ballroom dancing is her favorite hobby and after competing at the Chesapeake Ball has declared salsa as her favorite dance! Kim has also competed in several triathlons, loves to read, and cherishes time spent with good friends!

"I never take Pippa out downtown in Annapolis without someone stopping me and telling me what a well-behaved dog she is!"


Annapolis, MD

  • Samantha Lantz

When Samantha was 4 years old she had open-heart surgery, during her long stay in the hospital she was visited many times by pet therapy dogs. Once she was discharged from the hospital she begged her parents for a dog and they got her two. Over the years her passion for rescuing animals grew.

Samantha has owned horses, guinea pigs, bunnies, turtles, lizards, geckos, cats, fish, and many more. In college she rescued two dogs, a few years later she rescued two more dogs, and after moving to Annapolis she adopted one more dog, Emma. Each dog had its own set of issues including fighting, separation anxiety, fear of sounds and quick movement, aggression towards cats in the home, hyperactivity, and extreme potty training issues. After attending Paws and Possibilities classes her home became a harmonious, and potty accident-free place. Through this process, Samantha realized her passion for dog training, and loves seeing the positives relationship changes between her clients and their dogs.

  • Annie Flynn

Annie has always loved animals, with a particular fondness for dogs. Graduating from Virginia Tech with a BA in Animal and Poultry Sciences, Annie aspires to combine her passion for animal behavior and service work to help train service dogs. Besides working with animals, Annie also spends her time with children as a camp counselor and as a day care worker. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and painting.

  • Lylah Jan

Lylah has had a passion for animals as long as she can remember. Growing up her home was always filled with all kinds of different animals. Lylah went to school and received her esthetics license in 2015 and has been working in a spa since then. Although she enjoys skincare, the desire to work with animals continued to grow over the years until she finally decided it was time to follow her true passion. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors, music, reading books, and time with family, friends and fur babies.

  • Mayra Boylan

Love for animals was always present at home. My parents taught me to be loving and responsible to the different animals we called pets, viewing them as a part of the family. I grew up to be a Pre K teacher and I learned that I really enjoyed teaching. Later when my husband and I rescued two dogs from Puerto Rico I discovered you could apply some of the principals of Pre K teaching to dog training and I was hooked! I loved reading dog training books and tried my best to train my dogs with good resulst. At the beginning of the COVID Pandemic I lost one of my senior dogs and I ended up with not one but two COVID puppies. I needed help, my previous knowledge of older dogs was a bit lacking when it came to puppies. I did some basic obedience in a different establishment with Sammy but I felt the curriculum a bit restrictive and it was not helping with his behavioral issues. From the first moment I loved Paws and Possibilities methodology and philosophy. The ability to modify the training to suit Sammy and the option to define my specific concepts for him was wonderful. I decided to bring my other dog, Lizzy, and we all enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay as well!