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Learn one crucial element on how you interact with your dog that will change your entire relationship!

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Paws and Possibilities specializes in teaching you how to train your dog. Unique training plans are created to meet your specific needs. Complicated training ideas are explained to you in a way that makes sense, and results are measurable.

Our philosophy is simple – it’s all in the approach. We create dog training programs that make sense and are easy to not only learn, but use daily. You can learn how to communicate clearly and effectively with your dog and experience what a new relationship with your pet can feel like.

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Online Dog Training

We offer a digital training program you can do from the comfort of your own home no matter where in the world you live.

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In-Person Group Training

Looking to cover all the basics in a small group setting? We teach obedience training and manners for adult dogs and puppies.

Virtual Group Training

Join our online group training classes from home. We cover all of the same information as we do in person.

Private Training

We offer private, in-home lessons to provide you and your dog exactly what you need to thrive.

Virtual Private Training

Personalized, one-on-one attention for you and your dog utilizing our online platform – from the comfort of home.

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Board & Train

Your dog’s “boot camp” provides an immersion experience with VIP treatment while living at a trainer’s house.

What happy dog owners said about us

“Let me say that Caylen is absolutely lovely. Both ladies {Caylen and Aleah} have been very kind and helpful. The classes have been good for human training. There are things that I have done to reinforce bad behaviors unknowingly. Great information and food for thought. Thanks again!”

– Laurie S., Maryland