When Your Team Shines

Nothing makes me happier than receiving words of appreciation from one of our clients.  But, I have to say, it warms my heart in a special way when those words are for my team. Here is a wonderful testimonial from a fellow business owner who understands just how much it means to receive these kind words and how vital they … Read More

Rocky – A Rescue’s Story of Recovery

rescue rocky

On occasion, the feedback reads like a beautiful story and we realized we wanted to share these with you. So, here is a testimonial from our client, Ronda, who came to us after rescuing a dog named, Rocky… this is their story: “This is a long testimonial but I wanted to write it for anyone who may be considering using … Read More

Ozzy’s New Life


We love hearing stories of recovery and healing. It wasn’t long ago, we received an email from a dog owner who was extremely concerned about a dog she had rescued. This boy was super anxious and fearful, acting out as a result of being poorly raised. Hear how he and his family set out on a road to recovery through … Read More

Winter Dog Walking

winter dog walking

We hope you are enjoying the warmer temperatures and the opportunity to spend time outdoors with your dogs.  Dog walking, this past January was burdensome to say the least.  Several of our clients reported that they resorted to carrying Fido home because he laid down and refused to move.  NOT FUN! If all goes well, on Groundhog Day . . … Read More

Never Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car

As pet owners, most of us view our four-legged friends as part of our family.  We enjoy spending time with them, whether it is with your cat on the couch watching TV or taking your dog for a hike on the weekends. There is something special about time spent with a pet we love. As the weather is getting warmer, … Read More

Learn How To Unleash Your Dog’s Best

Are you tired of your dog not listening? Exhausted by your puppy’s naughtiness? Do you just wish you could have a dog who is calm enough to go anywhere with you, without drama, instead of the crazy, bratty beast you’ve been in negotiations with? It doesn’t have to be so stressful to be a dog owner, once you discover THE … Read More