November 22


Jurnee’s Journey

The following case study is actually written by a private training client who wanted to share her training experience with us. Here is her story about her dog, Jurnee, and her journey to better behavior.

There are many things I have learned from having dogs. Here are some:

  • Feed them organic, cooked chicken and/or turkey each day
  • Add some organic, chopped fresh veggies like carrots and broccoli now and then
  • Provide lots of filtered, fresh cold water
  • Add high-quality supplements to their meal
  • Add liquid b-12 to their meal
  • Add digestive enzymes to their meal
  • Walk them and stimulate their minds often through play and toys
  • Have them groomed regularly
  • Keep their ears, eyes, and bottoms clean at all times
  • Brush their teeth daily

I thought I had it down with all this. And in many ways, I did. My dog never has allergies, never itches, has shiny bright eyes, clean white fur, and energy to spare.

She also barked at every single thing that crossed her path. She barked all the time. And she barked at other animals and people, so walking her was not fun. Not at all. We tried everything. I watched videos and copied pros like Cesar Milan. Nothing helped. It was driving us up the wall. I took her to a local pet store for training – that didn’t help in my case. Not. One. bit.

Then I stumbled upon a brochure in my vet’s office. It was from Paws and Possibilities. Something hit me… this one the one thing I missed. My precious 3-year-old baby needed to be PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED AT HOME! And they offered this. And here is what happened within the next 6 weeks:

Our first visit was, in a word, fantastic. Jurnee picked up on things very quickly. During our second visit, Jurnee climbed onto our trainer, Lauren’s, lap and fell asleep. This is not something she does with anyone, much less a stranger. I knew we were on the right track.
By the fourth visit, Jurnee was walking outside and passing another dog, virtually ignoring that dog. At one point, Jurnee lay down in the grass, not 10 feet away from the other dog. She was just chilling out with a dog she had never seen before. Both on leashes, of course, but still!

Today we’ve got it under control. And if she slips, we know just what to do. After four training sessions by Lauren, whom she now loves more than me. I find it miraculous. We’re going to attend group classes with them soon. The price is right, and more training will help stimulate her mind and help her to be more and more socialized — an excellent thing for a dog.

In our opinion, did we feel we discovered one of the very best trainers in the business (Lauren)? Absolutely. Would we recommend Paws and Possibilities to others? Always.


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