Board and Train

Full Immersion Training

Looking to have your dog "board and train" with our trainers?

Sometimes people have unique challenges with their dog that are outside the scope of what they can handle at home. For that reason, Paws and Possibilities offers an intensive Board and Train Program designed to help jump-start your dog’s transformation. Some owners find either their dog’s specific challenges are too much for them to handle or they are unable to dedicate the time and energy their dog needs for training. In cases like these, our Board and Train Program may be the ideal solution. 

During the board and train program, your dog lives at a trainer’s house. As much as possible, we integrate your dog into every aspect of our lives during the training process including interacting with the trainer, their family, and their personal dogs. From the first moment of the day to the last potty break before bed, your dog is being trained. We micro-manage every variable to help your dog learn new rules and help set your dog up for success. We specialize in teaching dogs how to be calmer and more relaxed.

Under the guidance and instruction of professional trainers, your dog will learn practical, everyday obedience that is structured for optimal outcomes. We will work with your dog inside, outside, off-leash, and with distractions!

Custom Packages Include:

Private Sessions

Receive private instruction upon the conclusion of the immersion program for reinforced support


Group Training

Unlimited access to our group training classes for 2- 5 months* (length based on specific package)



Receive complimentary phone and email support for up to 30 days upon program completion

Diet Assessment

Receive a complimentary diet assessment with recommendations

Board & Train packages begin at $1,040 

We offer this elite program in 4-day increments. Your dog will experience intensive training for a series of 4 days and then  have a break to allow the new information time to soak in. During the break, your dog may return home with you or stay at the trainer’s house for boarding. 

Many people ask how long the training will be for their dog. We work with each person individually to customize your training program to provide the best results for your specific issues and concerns. Your dog’s unique history is considered before a professional recommendation is made as to the length of the board and train program. The minimum length of training is 4 days for dog who needs help learning to be calmer. Each 4 day intensive training is $1,040 and most dogs train for 8, 12, or 16 days. ($1,040 - $4,160)

The break your dogs gets in between intensive training to allow the new information to soak in may be at your home or at the trainer's house for boarding. Boarding is $150/day.

Ready to get your dog immersed in our custom training?

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meet Cooper

"I reached out to Paws and Possibilities regarding my lab mix, Cooper. He had a rough puppy-hood and had become increasingly nervous around a lot of things, especially new people. We had gotten to the point where we could no longer have new people over to the house because Cooper's nerves had turned into aggression and we were worried that he may bite someone that came in.
He had also been kicked out of daycare for bad behavior. We had been to a few trainers and nothing seemed to really help him. Luckily, a friend recommended Paws and Possibilities and it has made a world of difference. After spending two weeks in the Board and Train Program with Kim, Cooper is like a new dog. 

He is so much calmer and confident and has been able to meet new people without any aggression.

So many people have complimented Cooper and how much different he seems. We couldn't have done it without Kim and I would recommend her services to anyone! She has provided so many tools for us to continue to help Cooper improve. Thank you so much Kim!"

~ Casey from Maryland

Board & Train Client