Board and Train

Full Immersion Training

Looking to have your dog board and train one on one with our trainers? Our full immersion training program offers just that – your dog lives at a trainer’s house, fully integrated into their family. This custom, one-on-one program is kind of like boarding school for your dog! Under the guidance and instruction of professional trainers, your dog will learn practical, everyday obedience that is structured for optimal outcomes. We will work with your dog inside, outside, off-leash, and with distractions!

Custom Packages Include:

Private Sessions

Receive 2 private sessions upon the conclusion of the immersion program for reinforced support


Receive complimentary phone and email support for up to 30 days upon program completion

Diet Assessment

Receive a complimentary diet assessment with recommendations

Group Training

Unlimited access to our group training classes for *up to 6 months (based on package)

Board & Train packages start at $1,795

Ready to get your dog immersed in our custom training?

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