Jurnee’s Journey

The following case study is actually written by a private training client who wanted to share her training experience with us. Here is her story about her dog, Jurnee, and her journey to better behavior. There are many things I have learned from having dogs. Here are some: Feed them organic, cooked chicken and/or turkey each day Add some organic, … Read More

When Your Team Shines

Nothing makes me happier than receiving words of appreciation from one of our clients.  But, I have to say, it warms my heart in a special way when those words are for my team. Here is a wonderful testimonial from a fellow business owner who understands just how much it means to receive these kind words and how vital they … Read More

From Mischief to Manners

This story comes from a client who was seeking support with their dog, Sherlock, who kept getting into mischief. After training with us, Sherlock turned his investigative ways into well-mannered behavior. It has been almost three months since Sherlock did board and train with you, and he is continuing to do outstanding! We noticed a difference with him right away … Read More

Rocky – A Rescue’s Story of Recovery

rescue rocky

On occasion, the feedback reads like a beautiful story and we realized we wanted to share these with you. So, here is a testimonial from our client, Ronda, who came to us after rescuing a dog named, Rocky… this is their story: “This is a long testimonial but I wanted to write it for anyone who may be considering using … Read More

Ozzy’s New Life


We love hearing stories of recovery and healing. It wasn’t long ago, we received an email from a dog owner who was extremely concerned about a dog she had rescued. This boy was super anxious and fearful, acting out as a result of being poorly raised. Hear how he and his family set out on a road to recovery through … Read More

Family Matters

This story comes from a client who had a seemingly impossible problem: she was pregnant and had a dog that disliked babies. Here’s how we worked with her dog, Butters, how we helped her save her family unit. Paws and Possibilities saved my family! I was pregnant with a dog that dislikes babies. A friend on mine brought her baby … Read More