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In order to get entered into our Manners Matter Giveaway, you'll need to share your daily prompt participation. How? Simple. Be sure you follow our Facebook page here. Then, each day, share your experience with each day's prompt by leaving a comment on our page.  You can share a photo with us, a video, or share how doing the prompt helped you pause.  The more you participate, the more entries you'll get! 

Stay tuned for our Manners Matter Giveaway Announcement

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, we will draw a winner who will receive FREE access to our Manners Matter online training course. It could be YOU!

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Know anyone who could benefit from Operation Pause with Paws? Share in the fun and let others in on the benefits of time spent with their dog! You'll also  benefit from seeing fun photos of dogs in your newsfeed (instead of the  stressful topics and complaining we've been seeing). Sharing a photo of a dog doing something fun is bound to bring a smile to someone else’s face, don't you think!? Let's begin Operation Pause with Paws now!