Intermediate Group Training Classes

You have completed the basics and you’re ready to move on.

Now that you know HOW to train your dog we hope that you will consider our Group Intermediate Classes as the perfect bridge between the basics and our more advanced classes.

What to expect in this class:

  • Ensuring appropriate behavior “MANNERS” when your dog meets and greets others (people, dogs, children)
  • Stronger engagement between you and your dog. “Choose Me” in ALL instances
  • A solid recall you can trust
  • Bigger Distance, Longer Duration and More Distractions during basic obedience commands (sit, down, place)
  • Walking politely on a LOOSE leash, ALWAYS!
  • Calmness and etiquette in the presence of other people and dogs

We will work to enhance your dog’s skills in real life situations and strengthen his/her understanding of your “Definitions”. We will help you further implement all the methodology you learned in your previous classes improving the bond between you and your dog and establishing you as the LEADER.

Lucy & Desi

“Having had Golden’s over the past 16 years we decided to try Paws and Possibilities for our newest editions, Lucy & Desi,Golden Retriever puppies. Even before our first session was over, I could see them responding to basic commands! Lauren did a great job of instructing us, as the owners to the basics and theory behind dog training. We highly recommend Paws and Possibilities to anyone who wants to train their pets, instead of the pets training the owners!”
~ Dave & Talise

Who can register for Intermediate Group Training Class?

Our Intermediate Group Training is available to anyone who has previously completed at least four weeks of group training with us and is ready to move on to the next step.

Ready to begin?

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not sure where to begin?

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