Pet Therapy Certification Classes

For people and dogs who want to make a difference in someone else's life..

Pet Therapy is something you can do to help serve your community. By becoming a certified pet therapy team, you can share the love your pet brings to your life with someone who needs it more than ever. Our specialized classes will help you and your pet prepare for the certification with Pet Partners.

Is your dog a good therapy pet candidate?

  • Is your dog friendly and accepting of strangers?
  • Does your dog get along with dogs of all sizes and breeds?
  • Is your dog calm, able to sit on command, and stay for a long period of time?
  • Is your dog comfortable around adults and children? Or prefer one to the other?
  • Is your dog able to walk calmly through a crowd?
  • Is your dog able to stay focused even with distractions?
  • Does your dog enjoy being groomed or pet by a stranger?
  • Is your dog confident and carefree?
  • Is your dog relaxed even with loud, disruptive noises?
  • Does your dog have good manners even when you're not in the room?
  • Is your dog comfortable in a new, or changing, environment?

We believe dog training and education is an ongoing process and life-long commitment.

We work hard to help our therapy dogs build a solid foundation in obedience and a positive working relationships with their handlers. During our classes, we engage in a mutual partnership through training, socialization, trust and respect.

Pet Therapy Classes : $40/class

*This class is also included in our monthly class membership

meet Grayson

"My dog, Grayson, and I recently took the pet therapy evaluation and passed after training with Jovone at Paws and Possibilities. When we started training, Grayson was insecure and anxious around people. However, after hard work and a lot of practice, he has become very obedient, well mannered, and loves to be around others.

I wholeheartedly endorse the pet therapy training at Paws and Possibilities, including our trainer Jovonne who has worked tirelessly to get us to this point in our journey. By the time we got to the evaluation, we were prepared and ready to go. I look forward to taking Grayson places in the community to give those in need the opportunity to feel his love."

~ Steven Grodnitzky and Grayson

meet Tilly

"We are so happy to have found Paws and Possibilities. Starting with their Puppy Socialization class working our way up to Therapy Dog classes our dog, Tilly, makes us proud every day. Their techniques, philosophies, and caring trainers taught us so much. We've done training with dogs in the past but it truly pales in comparison. We love that we can take her anywhere. People always stop to say how cute she is but more importantly how well behaved she is, especially for a dog not even two years old. Tilly is now a certified Therapy Dog and volunteers at Anne Arundel Medical Center."

~ Debbie and Scott B. | Maryland

meet Shiloh

"A huge thank you to Paws and Possibilities and especially Jovone for her superb work with my German Shepard Dog, Shiloh, and myself! From our first meeting session Jovone made us feel welcome and valued as a new Pet Therapy Team in the making. She continuously made sure that we, and all the participants in the group settings, felt like we were receiving personalized attention. Our virtual sessions were an unexpected high value add and were a key part in maintaining a continuous path forward. Jovone is an exceptional trainer and has the leadership necessary to help teams gain the proficiency they need. Our result was a perfect preparation for our Therapy Pet evaluation. Shiloh and I were able to complete a rigorous evaluation with a near perfect score the first time. We have hung our certificate of passing and picture of us both smiling post test on our wall and in social media. Even better, she and I are very confident that as we begin our service to others, we will be able to provide comfort and joy to people in need. I most strongly endorse Paws and Possibilities and Jovone for any training your dog needs and especially if Pet Therapy is a goal."

~ David M. | Maryland

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