July 25


Be the best Dog Mom ever!

Are you embarrassed by your dog?

“When you walk up to Betsy’s front door and ring the doorbell, you hear Bella bark from inside. You brace yourself for the discomfort since you remember her jumping all over you the last time you came over. When the door opens, you are pleasantly surprised to see Betsy smiling at you, welcoming you into her home. You were expecting to begin struggling with Bella as she pushed her way out the front door and lovingly mauled you. Betsy leans in to give you a hug and you notice that Bella is sitting, waiting for her turn to say hello. As you walk into the family room, Bella comes over calmly to be pet, and you are so impressed that you ask Betsy what changed since the last time you came over. We worked with Paws and Possibilities, and it has made all the difference! We are so proud of her!”

6000988_sWould you enjoy owning a dog that listened to you when you asked him to do something?

Do you want to have the relationship with your dog you’ve always dreamed of having?
It’s simple, and we’ll show you how. All you need is to learn how to communicate clearly and effectively with your dog in all aspects of his life.

When you do that, all the pieces fall into place.

When most people think about dog training, they only think about obedience- teaching your dog an association between a word and a behavior like “sit” or “stay.”

People somehow think that if you can just teach your dog one or two commands then it will make the all the difference. They hope then he’ll be well behaved all the time, or at least most of the time!

We’re here to tell you it takes more than teaching just obedience.

In order for your dog to thrive and for you to be the best dog “MOM” you can be, you need to incorporate all three pieces of the puzzle.

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How does Paws and Possibilities teach you to be the best dog “MOM” you can be? It’s easy when you focus on all three pieces:

keys to success


The result? Peace of mind restored to your home.We include all three of these pieces in every dog training package we offer.
Do you want to learn more?

[tweetthis]It takes more than obedience training to have a dog you’re proud of, not embarrassed by.[/tweetthis]

You’ll see how critical it is to include all three pieces in your training plan as we explain more about each piece.


Manners means a “way of behaving towards others.” It’s how your dog chooses to act when no one is telling him what to do.

This is the area of training that will make the biggest impact in what it’s like to live with your dog. Most traditional dog training programs do not specifically teach manners, and it is our main focus.

When we teach you about your dog’s manners, we have conversations about:

  • Leadership- who’s in charge around here?
  • Hierarchy- your dog’s position in your home influences behaviors like invading your personal space, jumping, barking or whining, and nipping.
  • Socialization- we examine how your dog interacts with his environment including people, other dogs, sights, sounds, and places.




Obedience means “compliance with an order or submission to authority.” Obedience is when you pair a word with a behavior and expect your dog to execute the behavior on command.

Most traditional dog training programs only focus on dog obedience, missing out on other critical pieces of training.

When we teach you about dog obedience, we explain:

  • Baby steps- teaching your dog to pair a word with a behavior is easy when you break it down into small steps.
  • Timing- it’s important to have good timing when you train your dog. We give you tools and tips to make it simple to have good timing so you and your dog will succeed.
  • Troubleshooting- we offer solutions for dogs who only listen to commands sometimes, when it’s on his terms or only when you’re holding a treat.



Management means examining all aspects of your dog’s environment and lifestyle.

We examine every area and assure each one is optimized.

The foundation of success in training your dog rests on how you manage our dog.

  • Space – what access your dog has to different spaces in your home – gates, crate, fenced yard, or traveling in the car.
  • Food & Care – type of food you feed including quality, quantity, times of day, and structure of offering food to your dog. Regular veterinary care and grooming including nail clipping, bathing, and trimming.
  • Time & Exercise – schedules and daily routines, how much time spent on training and exercise. Appropriate tools used for walking, leash length, and off leash control.

Most people who own a dog want their dog to be well behaved. Their only mistake is not realizing there are more pieces to the puzzle than just an obedience dog training class.

By including every piece into your training plan, you can easily raise a healthy, well-balanced, well-mannered dog you are proud of.

You’ll be the best dog “MOM” possible.  Paws and Possibilities makes it easy.

No matter where you live, you can take advantage of our training philosophy and learn to include all the pieces to the puzzle. We offer a revolutionary online dog training program that has helped people all over the world create the relationship with their dog they have always dreamed of having.

How have you included all 3 pieces of the puzzle into training your dog and has it helped you to be the best dog MOM ever?  Tell us in the comments below.


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