April 24


Top 8 Things to Train Your New Puppy

Millie puppy training“When should we start to train our new puppy?”

The answer is simple.

It’s never too soon to begin training your puppy.

Early puppy socialization and training are the keys to your success as a dog owner. So let’s get started on the right… paw! As soon as your puppy comes home, begin to train the following things:

1. House Training
Even though the process of house training isn’t very difficult, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Start with scheduling meals and water, confining your puppy to a crate when you’re not able to watch him, and don’t have him go too long between potty breaks.

2. Obedience Training
Teaching your dog basic obedience commands is really important. Begin with name recognition, sit, and down.

3. Leash Walking
Train your puppy to wear a leash as soon as possible. Work on it inside your home to start and use treats for following you.

4. Respect
First, establish what the rules are and then reinforce your puppy for following them or correct your puppy when he doesn’t. Be consistent. Be sure that you are in charge!

5. Puppy Socialization
Providing your puppy with ample, positive interactions with other dogs is critical in raising a healthy, balanced dog.

6. Preventing Separation Anxiety
Teach your puppy to be alone. Reinforce him for being calm and relaxed in your absence.

7. Preventing Resource and Food Guarding
Your goal is to have your puppy used to you being near him or taking away something he might want to guard and rewarding him for letting you do that.

8. STOP…Biting, Jumping, Whining, Chewing
Is he allowed to jump when he’s excited to see you or whine if he wants your attention? Follow well defined rules for your puppy and highly reinforce him for getting them right.

When you follow this path you will feel the same as Linda who told me this week she is actually starting to “cherish her time” with her puppy!

What are your biggest challenges with your puppy?  Leave a comment below.


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