The Importance of Management

Have you ever heard the expression, “like a kid in a candy store?” Basically, when you give someone too much freedom or opportunity, they are more likely to act impulsively or make bad decisions. It’s like they can’t help themselves! As humans, we tend to make better choices when there is a structure in place to guide us. The amount … Read More

Nothing Solves Everything!

calming exercises

I was recently on a plane returning from our Annual Staff Retreat to Orlando, Florida and noticed a very curious, all-too-familiar scene unfold in the seat beside me: A woman in her early 30’s had a young toddler on her lap. As they sat down in the seat next to me, the daughter was quickly enthralled by a video clip … Read More

Q&A with Kim


I have been having a good time on Periscope. People who choose to follow me watch live training sessions, hear me talk about dog training, and answer questions from dog owners who are struggling with their dogs. Lately, there have been more and more dog trainers who are showing up to watch my Periscopes. Recently, another dog trainer reached out … Read More

How to Use Positive Reinforcement Correctly

paws and possibilities

I was at Betsy’s* house this morning for the first time and I met her 3 dogs, one of which is reactive to strangers. Luke’s* barking and growling at new people when he sees them is embarrassing and potentially dangerous. Betsy gets anxious when friends come over to her home – so much so that she is reluctant to invite … Read More

Walking with my Dog, As Viewed from Different Perspectives

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For many people, walking their dog is a form of exercise, maybe an excuse to get out of the house or just bonding time with your pooch. Typically your average, seemingly friendly dog owner’s thought process on a walk may look like this: “I love taking my dog out for a walk, it’s a great opportunity for him to sniff … Read More

My Dog Bit My Daughter

I heard a sound unlike any I had ever heard before. There are some foggy details from Thursday March 10th, but I think I actually said out loud, “was that a growl?” Boomer, a 90 pound German Shepard, dropped the toy out of his mouth and covered the 8 foot gap between where he stood and where my 13 year … Read More